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Frequently Asked Questions



Delinquent Tax Notice
A "courtesy" Friendly reminder is mailed out approximately a week after the 2nd installment due date.

Per State Statute, certified delinquent tax notices must be mailed out no less than 15 days prior to Judgment date.

The delinquent notice provides the total amount due including interest, costs, date and times of Judgment and Tax sale.

After the certified delinquent tax notice is sent, Personal checks will not be accepted. Cash, money order, or cashiers check only.

Newspaper Publication
State Statute requires us to publish all delinquent taxes at least 10 days prior to date of judgment.

The publication will list the parcel number, the owner of record and the delinquent tax amount. It will also state the date and time of application for judgment with the circuit court and the date and time of the Tax Sale.

This publication is intended to be a notification, not harassment.

Tax Sale
The tax sale is held within 5 business days from the date of judgment. If delinquent taxes are still not paid by the date of the sale they will be sold. A tax buyer will purchase the tax for the amount due, which will include the tax amount and interest penalties that have accrued. After the tax is sold the property owner will have to redeem the tax from the tax buyer through the County Clerk's Office.

Payments of delinquent taxes will not be accepted after the sale has begun